This week at Casolwood G.C.:
Rick's Quick Hitters
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Rick Quick
Director of Golf
4255 Perretta
Drive  Canastota,
NY  13032
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Corey Quick
PGA Professional
Rob Quick
PGA Professional
Tuesday -Friday: Open play all day
Saturday: Open play all Day
Sunday:  Lone Wolf Maverick Open - Rick's personal favorite event- 8:30 shot gun- we have openings for 4
more teams- great competitive format and continuous playing of the movie MAVERICK all day-LOL

Course is in great shape- lets hope weather stays nice

Fall special starts 18 holes October 1st- Play as many holes as you want $25 for all day

Fall Schedules of events coming up

Upcoming events:                           
October 13- Lone Wolf Maverick Open
October 20- Hot Chili Open
October 27-Tin Cup

Ladie's Ryder Cup Winners:  K.Mulligan,C. Kimball, T. Patane, R. Brooks, J. Adams, S. Button,d. Carlone, K.
Cesario  Lots of Fun and great golf shots- !!!  See event photo!

Congratulations to Karen Mulligan- Hole in one on #14 of the Iron Man event- 1st one and yes she had hole in
one insurance!!!


ALSO: Early Bird memberships have started- details posted in pro-shop or on line at First
time members joining early get the remaining of the season and all 2020! Includes 3 guest passes and 1 riding
cart pass and use of over 23 reciprocal courses!  

Makes a great birthday or Christmas gift    Thanks to all the new members joining this year- great to see so
many new players!!

On the lighter side:   Wow- as we get a little older our topics of conversation seem to be getting somewhat
comical in a lamer sense!  Sunday as we sat around the bar drinking(at least we still do that)- the subject of
heartburn came up.  Well I gave my 2 cents worth of pepperoni, greasy fried foods and Bailey's.  Well Paula
went on with a list longer than a kid's Christmas list- chocolate, ketchup, mayo, beer, cheese, salad dressing
etc- when she finally came up for air someone piped in that the only thing that doesn't give her heartburn is
fooling around- and she quipped in "it does I just forgot!!"
Have a great week

Updated: 10/09/2019