This week at Casolwood G.C.:
Rick's Quick Hitters
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Rick Quick
Director of Golf
4255 Perretta
Drive  Canastota,
NY  13032
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Corey Quick
PGA Professional
Rob Quick
Assistant PGA
Wednesday - Friday: Open play
Saturday: 8 Bolen Memorial Event  2 PM  Strikes &Birdies (Tee times available)
Sunday: Open Play all day (tee times available)
Monday- Friday: Open play all week

Open at 7 AM Monday- Friday;  6:00 AM Saturday and Sunday
Tee Times available Saturday & Sunday - 315-697-9164

Closest to pin winners on Father's Day- Dave Kimball 11 & 16, Eric Klein 3, Charlie Seeber 14 and Doug
Elford 7

Golf course is in great shape- dried up nice - greens rolling super and the temperatures are finally where we
like them.  The beer is cold, the A/C is cranking and the restaurant is grilling away!!!

US Open pick winner Frank Mutz!!!

Upcoming Events:  

June 23 : FM Bus
June 24: Strikes & Birdies 2 pm
June 24: Sgt Ed Bolen Memorial 8 AM
June 27:  CNY Bus
July 14-16: Men's Member-Guest
July 22: NY Bus Sales Clambake
July 23: Wilson-Smith
July 29: BJ Chenel Memorial Tournament
July 30: CCC

Men's Member-Guest Sign up is almost full- 4 spots available.

Sign up sheets  are in pro-shop or call in your team at 697-9164.

Hole in one on Saturday during St Mary's on the Lake Golf Tournament- Congratulations to Corey Skurpski
Hole #14!!

Hole in one June 21 by Ralph Skinner #16 witness Rick Quick

Thanks to all Volunteers at Boxing Hall of Fame: Dana Packard, Linda Kovaleski, Jesse Jones, Chris Bucklin,
Eric Klein, Mark Klein, Jeff Wilson, Mark Newell,
Kurt Kohles, Artie and Deb Ford, Mark Galton, Chris
Raymond, Brett Findley, Brian Warner, Tammy Quick

On The Lighter Side: Great time with Mary Ann and Victor with the Ten Pin Tournament- I didn't get to
play but I had a personal best of 7 Egg salad sandwiches consumed.  Next year I may go with the bologna -
also a favorite!!  Heard a great line from one of the players- I have put my foot in my mouth so many times
that I don't even taste the leather anymore!!  I may also be a little out of shape(even though round is a shape)-
went for a short bike ride- I should have made it shorter and a need a route that is downhill both ways!!  If
you played the back side you may have noticed the ruts in front of the ladies tee on 15- this is not meant to be
a obstacle but our porta-john guy decided to take the long way- even though we hauled them up to the top of
the hill for him!!  Needless to say you could probably hear me cussing from a mile away and I apologize if
you were in ear shot range.  Thanks to O'Meara's for pulling the guy out with there big rig!!    

Have a great week
Updated: 06/22/2017