This week at Casolwood G.C.:
Rick's Quick Hitters
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Rick Quick
Director of Golf
4255 Perretta
Drive  Canastota,
NY  13032
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Corey Quick
PGA Professional
Rob Quick
PGA Professional
Monday-Friday:  Open Play all week!!  No Events
Saturday: International Boxing Hall of Fame 7:30 Shotgun: Open Play after 3 PM
Sunday: MDA 8 AM shotgun   1 PM Town of Sullivan Shotgun
Monday- Friday: Open Play
Weekdays- Open at 7 AM  Weekends Open at -6  AM
Upcoming Events
                             June 9: International Boxing Hall of Fame
                             June 10: MDA 8 AM
                             June 10: Town of Sullivan Parks and Recreation Tournament 1 PM
                             June 16: St.Mary of the Lake Tournament
                             June 23: Strikes & Birdies
                             June 30: Sgt Bolen 8th Annual Golf Tournament

June 10: First time doing a golf ball drop- Town of Sullivan's event is doing the drop after golf sometime
around 6 PM - you do not need to be present to win but are welcome to stop up or purchase a golf ball or 2-
we have the numbers at the bar if interested- should be FUN!!
Also- Nice payouts for the St. Mary's of the Lake Event- There are 2 divisions- Men's and Mixed so bring
your team and sign up in clubhouse.

For details contact pro-shop at 315-697-9164 all events are open to members and public:  Quite a variety of
formats- we have golf and bowling, big payout for St. Mary's with 2 divisions men's and mixed, 500 golf ball
drop with the town of Sullivan, Boxing greats coming to the course with the Hall of fame!!

Special Thanks To Hershey Ice Cream-Dave Kimball and Little Debbie-Wayne Plourde for the fantastic
assortment of tasty treats enjoyed by all on Saturday.  Everyone was on a sugar high at some point- I am just
coming down from mine!!

Hole in one by Steve Loveless last Friday witnessed by: Dave Winchell, Ron Carlone, Ron Colvin, John
Vaccaro, Brett Findley, Larry Cessario, TJ Barrett, Brian Burgdoff, Corey Quick & Rick Quick Hole #3
Weekly league specials :   Restaurant is fully open now!!

Membership cards are in please pick them up at pro-shop- thanks to Voss Signs for the membership cards.

UPDATE on Projects: 3 way tee- irrigation heads have been installed- all the sod has been installed everything
is looking good- we will hydro seed around the outside edges soon.  Hope to have new tee opened in 3-4
weeks. Cart paths being smoothed out this week, Willow tree's being trimmed back

On the Lighter Side:   True Story:  I was tending to a golfer the other day when he says" My guys are running
late so may as well have a beer.  We are playing Casolwood on Wednesday and Westmoreland on Thursday-
so as I am getting his beer I casually mentioned that today was Thursday.  He scratched his head -didn't
believe me checked his phone and it was confirmed!!  He called his pals who were not waiting and just teeing
off- How do you miss both days of golf!!!
Another true story: Phone caller and me.  Me: Good morning can I help you
          Caller: whats the earliest tee time I can get on Friday
         Me:  We Open at 7 Am
         Caller: Ooh- thats way to early- what do you have around 11 AM
         Me:  I have 11:10 open will that work for you
         Caller: Oh no that's way to late
         Me: ?????  what am I supposed to say LOL

Have a great week

Had a glitch with e-mails lost a bunch and retrieved some but if you are getting duplicates or wish to be
removed just let me know.  Also if you would like to add someone just send e-mail
Updated: 06/07/18