This week at Casolwood G.C.:
Rick's Quick Hitters
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Rick Quick
Director of Golf
4255 Perretta
Drive  Canastota,
NY  13032
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Corey Quick
PGA Professional
Rob Quick
PGA Professional
Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday: Open play
Friday: PBA Golf Tournament 10 AM- Full shot gun
Saturday: Open play all day/NY Bus Clambake
Sunday: Open play in AM/ Wilson -Smith 12:30
Monday-Wednesday: Open play
Open at 7 AM Monday- Friday;  6:00 AM Saturday and Sunday
Tee Times available- Saturday & Sunday - 315-697-9164
Weekday special available Monday- Friday(twenty five bucks for 18 with a cart-two bucks less for seniors)

Upcoming Events:  
July 22:NY Bus Sales Clambake & Golf
July 23: Wilson-Smith
July 29: BJ Chenel Memorial Tournament
July 30: CCC
August 5/6: Ladies Member-Guest

Ladies Member-Guest and Couples Member-Guest sign up boards are up. Mardi-Gras theme for the couples
this year.  Get your float plans ready!!!

BEEF & BOOZE- Event is now posted for Friday September 8th- 10 AM shotgun open to all - vendors on
hand from craft beers to wine and liquor samples through out the day with full Prime Rib dinner after,

Hole in one's: Congrats to Brian Bertella on July 7 on #11 used 9 iron witnessed by Gary Scerbo, Ron Graham
and Jeff West.

Member-Guest Hole in one's by:
    Sean Barron Hole # 7 Witnessed by Tom Barron, Brad Snyder and John Carhart.
    Kurt Kohles Hole #14 witnessed by Joe Liebl, Jim Menter and Mike Fitzgerald.

Member-Guest Winners:
Championship Flight: 1st: Synder/Carhart 2nd: Barron/Barron 3rd:Bacon/Galton
1st Flight: 1st: Brignull/Reed 2nd: Nap/Nap 3rd Burgdoff/McGraw
2nd Flight:1st:  Carlone/Patterelli 2nd:Durant/Snyder 3rd: Flash/Billy
3rd Flight: 1st: Cesario/Sullivan 2nd: Pistello/Burliegh 3rd:J. Chenel/Evans
4th Flight: 1st:D.Raymond/Raymond 2nd: Hanover/Hawkinson 3rd Kimball/Willis
5th Flight: 1st: Sadler/Weaver 2nd: Findlay/Fitzpatrick 3rd: Egan/Egan
6th Flight: 1st Creme/Fisher 2nd: j.Mitchell/Kohles 3rd Winchell/Bonaventura
7th Flight 1st: A.Riley/Lopresti 2nd: C.Raymond/Cohen 3rd: Gifford/Cesarini

Member-Guest Raffle winner is Frank Mutz.  Drink Board winner is Jesse Gifford

Special thanks to all the volunteers: Art Ford, Deb Ford , Fred Meyers, Chris Bucklin, Jesse Jones, Gail
Drury, Justin Mitchell, Hershey Ice Cream by Dave Kimball

On The Lighter Side :  I just have to laugh- member-guest weekend brings friends back together and some
memorable moments and one liners along with some great golf shots and also some that go awry but all is
good fun and most everybody picks on themselves just as they would pick on others- here are my favorites
so far!!
1) I'm playing like I had a stroke but nobody told me yet!
2) Player A: Great to see you , what have you been up to? Player B: About 50 pounds and a lot a lot of time at
the all-U-can eat buffet.
3) Same player B: Why don't I just wait for the new carts I don't think the older ones can handle the stress!!
4) This is just an observation but why is it that the guys who slept in the trailer in the parking lot where
always late getting to the 1st tee?  Next year park right at the tee!! Had nothing to do with the drink board!!
LOL Also funny was that they couldn't find there golf clubs on Saturday!!
5) Lastly-- The day after everyone is a little tired but I think this speaks volumes as one of the players came
up the next day- obviously tired -as he was leaving he got in the back seat of his car to leave- after a moment
he did get out and get in the proper seat to start the car!!!  
Have a great week.  Rick
Updated: 07/20/2017