This week at Casolwood G.C.:
Rick's Quick Hitters
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Rick Quick
Director of Golf
4255 Perretta
Drive  Canastota,
NY  13032
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Corey Quick
PGA Professional
Rob Quick
PGA Professional
Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday- Open play
Friday- Open play all day
Saturday: Open play all day
Sunday: Bloody Mary Open - 8 AM course open play after 12:30

Open at 7:30 AM Monday- Friday  7:00 Saturday and Sunday
Tee Times available- Saturday & Sunday - 315-697-9164
Weekday Fall  special starts  Monday 18th - Friday- Play all day for TWENTY BUCKS includes cart-
Weekends are TWENTY FIVE

Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday Thursday & Friday nights have open play the rest of season- leagues are done
on those nights!

NEW pitch league is forming on Tuesday nights starting October 3rd- contact Corey 315-395-8534 for more

Upcoming Events: All Fall events are listed below-Hard to believe its that time- seems like season just
September 17: Bloody Mary Open- Full event
September 24:Football/ Tailgate Tournament
September 30: Ladies Ryder Cup
October 1: Men's Ryder Cup
October 7: Iron Man- 36 hole event- open to all
October 15: Triple crown- 27 hole event- open to all
October 22 Maverick Lone Wolf
October 29: Hot Chili Open
November 5: TIN CUP
November 12: Cross country open
November 19: Snowball Scramble

All Fall events are posted- all the favorites are back!!! Open to all Members & Public- Details in clubhouse or
call 697-9164
Ladies and Men's president cup matches are in full swing good luck to all!!

WANT TO TAILGATE a little longer before the Football event on the 24th- you can pre-register in the
clubhouse before hand!!  Also if you are decorating your carts for the day please come early as carts will be
lined up and hard to move around with tailgaters in parking lot!!.

Earl Bird memberships for the 2018 season is under way:  All early memberships are good for the balance of
the 2017 season and all 2018.  We try and stay open as late into the Fall as weather permits. Receive 3 guest
passes and 1 riding cart pass. Includes over 23 reciprocal courses. Discounts on all Casolwood Events!!

Course future plans: In the works- tree trimming on the front 9 is almost complete- long over do but looks
great.  Brown spot to left of #4 tee box is were new green nursery will be.  Also right on track.  Still waiting
to start big tee project on 11,14 & 18 just waiting on the chipper.

On The Lighter Side :  some infamous quotes: 1) Tranquilizers make it possible for a golfer to relax at his
favorite form of relaxation- Stephen Baker 2)  Golf was never meant to be an exact science.  Its an art form.  
Einstein was a great scientist but a lousy golfer- Bob Toski  3)  You know what I did at the Masters one
year?  I was so nervous I drank a fifth of Rum before I played.  I shot the happiest 83 of my life- Chi Chi  
Rodriguez  4)  Golf is the only game in which a precise knowledge of the rules can earn one a reputation for
bad sportsmanship- Patrick Cambell  5)  I beat Tiger Woods by 5 strokes but he was only six at the time-
Kansas City Royals catcher Gregg Zaun  6)  The only sure rule in golf is- he who has the fastest cart never
has to play from a bad lie-Mickey Mantle
Have a great week
Updated: 09/14/2017