This week at Casolwood G.C.:
Rick's Quick Hitters
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Rick Quick
Director of Golf
4255 Perretta
Drive  Canastota,
NY  13032
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Corey Quick
PGA Professional
Rob Quick
PGA Professional
Tuesday- Friday  Open Play
Saturday: 36 Hole Iron Man- 2 divisions (Men's & Mixed) Open to All Public & Members
Sunday: Open Play all Day
Monday- Friday next week open play all day

Fall weekday special is now!!  Play all day with cart for twenty bucks!!                                                   
        Upcoming Events:
                             October 13: 36 Hole Iron Man - 2 person teams open to all
                             October 21: Lone Wolf Maverick Open - 4 person teams open to all
                             October 28: Hot Chili Open - 2 person teams
                             November 4: Tin Cup Open
                             November 11: Cross Country Golf Open
                             November 18: Snowball Scramble

All events are open to Members & Public - Each format is different from 2 person captain & mate, Lone wolf
is a great format for a 4 person team, World's best road kill chili in the chili open, play like tin cup and use just
a 7 iron, cross country example: from tee 1 to 3rd green- play 9 holes of captain and mate like this!!!
ONE WEEK Left for 2019 Early Bird Memberships - Through Oct 16 this gets you the balance of the
2018 season plus all of 2019 you get a savings off regular rate plus guest passes and riding cart pass that are
worth over 80 bucks plus discounts on all Casolwood events - good for all our Fall events - use of over 23
reciprocal courses-

Ryder Cup winners:
Ladies: P.Markle, T.Quick, S.Mutz, K.Cesario, L.Kovaleski, I.Nelson, P.Robinson, C.Kimball
Men's: D.Bacon, D.Burleigh, L.Cesario, B.Deppoliti, B.Findlay, M.Pouliot, J.Jones, D.Kimball, E.Klein,
K.Maddox, M.McGuiggan, R.Quick, J.Savage, D.Winchell

FALL Clothing is now in- just in time for the cooler weather- makes great birthday or Christmas gifts

Projects 2018/2019:  plan on finishing new berms along side of new 3 way tee box,  over seeded all fairways,
add 10 new golf carts to fleet- this will bring fleet up to 70 carts, replace all ripped seats on current fleet,
replace all toilets in ladies and men's restrooms, add new trees as needed, continue landscape projects.
On the Lighter Side: Played in Ryder Cup Sunday- Had a few doubters bet against me as I was playing
Corey in the afternoon singles match!  I believe one person said I would not make it to the 15th hole, 2 said
the 13th hole and one said I would be down 9 after 9 holes.  It was a simple bet of just a drink per bet as I
was not sure I would make it to the back 9 either.  Well now I was thrilled to just be one down after 9 and he
polished me off on #16- I didn't win the match but made it a match at least and those Martini's are gunna taste
    Also I have never seen anyone make so may long  chips & putts as Bucky: 2 huge breakers on 15, 13, 10
5,6,7 all from just off the green- we were hoping he would actually hit a green and have a 15 foot putt as we
had a better chance he would miss those!! Great playing!!

Have a great week
Updated: 10/09/18